As Speakers and Trainers
they all love working with Judith & Jim . . . whether it’s:

*** A Powerful Film Studio —

Judith & Jim bring fresh insight and new understanding to the subject of relationships in the workplace. Their spirited, heartfelt approach is an inspiration.

Lawrence P. Murphy, Executive Vice President & Chief Strategic Officer
The Walt Disney Company

*** A Professional Association

Many thanks for your talent, skill, and support during your outstanding facilitation of a sometimes tense and always challenging group. The retreat days certainly met my expectations: your perceptions and skills were clearly evident – the reason for our beginning a new, very positive journey.

Lola M. Fehr, RN, MS, CAE, FAAN
Executive Director, New York State Nurses Association

*** A Conflict-Resolution Staff Retreat

Your leadership at our staff retreat was an overwhelming success. Each individual came away with his or her needs having been met. Our group dynamics have all changed for the better! People are now more caring and more communicative!

Greg Stuart
Director Center for Youth Services, Catholic Charities

*** A Television Satellite Tour

I want to thank you again for the GREAT job you did for us! Watching all your television clips together was fun to see how good and “on message” you were on interview 18 just as you were on the first! You’re both so media savvy and outstanding at bridging back to message despite off-topic questions. You were fantastic. We couldn’t have chosen a better duo. I wholeheartedly recommend you both to any organization that needs a top-notch spokesperson team to bring their program messages to life.

Jennifer Sparks
VP Marketing, Society of American Florists

*** A Conference Organizer

As an organizer of conferences, there are no two people in whom I have more confidence as presenters than Judith & Jim. They are outstanding in making their topics interesting, exciting, and fun. And they are able to make profound, life-changing points while involving everyone in an atmosphere of warmth and complete trust. They are also outstanding to work with professionally: on-time in producing whatever materials are required, always prepared, and ready to do whatever needs to be done off and on site.

Neil Robinson
Neal Robinson Marketing, Inc., Chicago, IL

*** A Consciousness Leadership Organization

Thank you both sincerely for a highly educational presentation, as well as the experiential journey everyone enjoyed. People said you were literally a transformative experience…describing your work as literally a necessary stepping stone to peace in the world. They went on and on! And do know that our group is not prone to excessive praise! You truly were extraordinary.

Jeanne Blackstone
President, Institute of Noetic Sciences Los Angeles

*** Training Corporate Leaders

Drs. Sherven and Sniechowski are the perfect couple to help management, as well as employees, address problems with respect to human complexity in the workplace AND with an eye to less cost to the company. They are outstanding speakers: energetic, and powerful. They engage participants experientially, utilize humor and compassion, and keep the discussion at the level of everyday, practical reality.

Diane Beakey
PhD, Director Training and Organizational Development, CIGNA HealthCare

*** A Cancer Center

During our recent conference, I want you to know that your presentation on creating healthy relationships was the most highly rated and widely acclaimed workshop that we offered. I will be pleased to ask your participation again.

Daniel A. Rushing, MD, Event Organizer, Oncologist, Department of Clinical Oncology
Marshfield Cancer Center, Marshfield, WI

*** A University Audience

Judith and Jim gave a lively, professional, participatory presentation that provided memorable guidelines for creating healthy relationships. They held the audience’s attention for almost an hour and a half, with no one leaving or chatting among themselves.

Lynda Killingsworth, Assoc. Director of Continuing and Graduate Studies
Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, KS

*** As Radio Guests

Outstanding! Sensational! High Energy! Audience generating! These are only a few of the characteristics that adequately describe my five-year radio experience interviewing Drs Judith & Jim. These two are made for broadcast media. In my 27 years on radio, interviewing some of the greatest news makers, I’ve never had such a demand for return appearances as we have had for Judith & Jim. The depth of knowledge these two possess provides for the phenomenal success we have had with them! Don’t take my word, put them on the air!

Mildred Gaddis
Host Morning Drive Talk, AM1200/WCHB

*** Personal Development In London

Watching Judith & Jim work together is like good magic. They share the stage with ease, seldom stepping on one another’s words, yet able to disagree or offer point/counterpoint on a variety of topics. They are inspired and energetic speakers, able to relate with their audience with ease.

Peter Charad
Recovery Enterprises, London England

*** Relationship Wisdom in Australia

I was so impressed with Judith & Jim when I saw them present at conferences in Texas that I brought them to Melbourne for a two-week seminar series on relationships in personal and professional life. Their ability to relate to the audience is unparalleled. They create a space in which people feel absolutely safe to bring up very personal and vulnerable issues. They do this, in part, by being open about themselves, their own relationship, and issues that were a problem for each of them in the past. They are a happily married couple who share both power and presence, neither taking the back seat. Consequently they model what they teach – that men and women can share power and enjoy their differences in all facets of their lives.

Robert Ware, Dip C.E., M.A.I.T.D.
Founder Men International Trust, Melbourne Australia

*** A Prominent Personal Growth Center

Comments from Esalen participants (samples from anonymous course evaluations)

“This was a wonderful, heartfelt dynamic workshop that really penetrated through to my issues.”

“Wonderful experience. Great speakers and leaders.”

“Great, illuminating, challenging of my comfort zone, revealing. Left me with specifics to work on not just generalities. Great presenters!”

“Judith & Jim touched all our lives with positivity and hope. I will always treasure their words.”

So — GUARANTEED – you will love working with them too!



Graham & James Law Firm — Los Angeles, CA
Universal Studios Tours — Universal City, CA
Unocal 76 — Costa Mesa, CA
The United Nations — Year of the Family Conference — Salt Lake City, UT
W.K. Kellogg Foundation — Battle Creek, MI
Gary Goldberg Financial Services – Suffern, NY
Sheldon Pollack Corporation — Santa Monica, CA
Fetzer Foundation — Kalamazoo, MI
Berlex Laboratories – Bothell, Washington
Los Angeles Paralegal Association – Los Angeles, CA
California School of Professional Psychology – Alhambra and Mission Viejo, CA
Pepperdine School of Business — Culver City, CA
Woman Within International – Philadelphia, PA
Arbonne International – Albany, NY
National Academy of Songwriters — Hollywood, CA
The Richstone Family Center — Hawthorne, CA
Chicago Men’s Conference — Annually ‘94-99, Chicago, IL
California Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counselors (CAADAC) — Sacramento, CA
Austin Men’s Conferences — Austin, TX
S.A.F.E. Place Battered Women’s Shelter — Battle Creek, MI
All Saints Church – Pasadena, CA
Unity Church — ‘97 National Convention, and several local churches
Church of Religious Science — Several churches in California and Florida
Evangelical Ministries — Detroit, MI
The LeClear Connection — Kalamazoo, MI
And many, many more . . .


Magnify Your Excellence with husband-and-wife team Judith Sherven, PhD and Jim Sniechowski, PhD—America’s most versatile, respected, and dynamic speaking duo. Pioneering authorities on relationship dynamics, their presentations range from Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous, Finding and Releasing Your Fabulous Self, Relationship Failure: A Successful Case of Resistance, There Is No Such Thing as Failure, Breaking Through Resistance, Smart Dating, Conscious Coupling, and Career-Affirming Relationships in the Workplace.

Judith & Jim are the bestselling authors of 5 psychological/spiritual relationship books including The New Intimacy: Discovering the Magic at the Heart of Your Differences (HCI), Be Loved For Who You Really Are, and The Heart of Marketing: Love Your Customers and They Will Love You Back (Morgan James).

A clinical psychologist, Judith worked in private practice for twenty-two years. Jim holds a doctorate in Human Behavior and co-founded the Men’s Health Network in Washington, D.C.

Because earlier in their lives they both had successful acting careers they bring an entertaining vitality and a deep connection to their audiences wherever they go. As trainers and inspirational speakers, they have been inspiring audiences since 1988, nationally and internationally.

Because they understand what men and women really need in order to improve deep satisfaction and success in their work, relationships, and in their lives, Judith & Jim repeatedly earn highest praise in their evaluations.

As guest experts, they have appeared on over 2500 television and talk-radio shows including Oprah, The View, MSNBC, CNN, and Canada AM. They have been interviewed for and published by hundreds of newspapers and magazines including the Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, O, Family Circle, Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Playboy, Men’s Health, and Today’s Black Woman.

More than their extensive professional background, Judith & Jim bring profound personal experience and knowledge to their work. That’s why, whether you book Judith & Jim for a keynote, weekend training, or any other way they can fill your need, you can count on top professionals who will “WOW” your audience!

Fees and terms of contract available upon request.


  • Magnifying Your Excellence!
  • Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous
  • Smart Dating for Success Every Time – Guaranteed!
  • Keeping Romance Alice — Before and After Marriage
  • The Traditional Wedding — Will Your Marriage Survive It?
  • Heart-based Marketing
  • Selling As Spiritual Selling
  • You Are a Miracle