…the most important book ever written about the most important subject facing every aware human being…”  
– Art Klein‚ Catskill ‚ NY

…no doubt it will be a New York Times Best Seller.”  
– Kellie Frazier‚ Simpsonville ‚ SC

…it got right to the core of my own issues and how I play them out in my life. This book has really been life changing for me.”  
– Wendy Lucas ‚ Virginia Beach‚ VA

I completely devoured Whitney–it hit very close to my current personal experience and ‘struggle.’”  
– Maurice Dobbs‚ Montreal ‚ Canada

…a brilliantly written psycho-history of Whitney Houston…”  
– Signe Dayhoff‚ PhD‚ Placitas ‚ NM

This beautifully written and touching examination moved me to more deeply understand Whitney’s situation because of the science and logic that Judith & Jim reveal about what was guiding her behavior.”  
– Jim Duffie‚ Raleigh ‚ NC

…explains why so many people who achieve amazing success can’t hang on to it.”  
– Jeremy Palmer‚ Maui ‚ HI