When Whitney Houston died the what‚ where‚ when and how were eventually revealed. But the question of “why? ”—well‚ in What Really Killed Whitney Houston Judith and Jim offer a psychological evaluation of Houston’s life and lay out the deep “why” of her death. Their explanation is very compelling.  
Kevin Wierzbicki‚ Senior Reviewer‚ www.antiMusic.com

This is not just a book about Whitney Houston: it’s a window into our unconscious self-destructive behaviors with Whitney being the main character. You will not be able to put down this insightful‚ investigative‚ and cautionary tale. It is psychologically brilliant!  
Shannon Devereaux Sanford‚ “Shannon’s Corner” WTBQ New York

The authors created a book you want to devour and finish right away! Because now we know what really happened for Whitney! Thank you‚ Judith & Jim!  
Costas Koulis, Noizy magazine‚ Greece

What Really Killed Whitney Houston is a study of how our unconscious patterns can prevent us from leading full and joyous lives. This is an important book for everyone‚ using the example of a musical icon we can relate to.  
Raskin‚ Host/Producer “Positive Living” WPRO‚ WPRV

This book offers a genuine‚ informative understanding of Whitney’s struggles and all the dealings that success brought into her life. Why did Whitney reject those who loved her and reached out to her over and over again? Because she had to in order not to betray her roots. That passage‚ for me‚ is so in-depth with so much meaning and truth. Thanks for writing this book.  
Brock Mathews‚ Radio Host J104.5‚ Adventure Radio