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How Unconscious Loyalty Destroyed One Of
The Greatest Talents Of All Time
Why It Could Be
Happening To You…

How many times have you asked yourself:

  • Why can’t I get ahead the way my friends are?
  • How come my marriage feels so stale and boring when it started out so great?
  • I go on a diet and lose some weight and then the pounds jump back on, it’s so frustrating.
  • Money seems to fall through my fingers. No matter how much I make it’s not in my bank.
  • It doesn’t matter how much I succeed, I’m still afraid I’m not good enough.
  • When I look back on my life, it looks like a long line of failed opportunities and I don’t know why.
  • I’m filled with so much anxiety when I go after things I really want. I don’t get it.
  • I’ve tried so many personal growth workshops, read so many self-help books, and tried all kinds of exercises but none of them have helped me get out of the rut that keeps me depressed.
  • I start out strong whenever I go after something, but then the excitement and energy just fade away. I don’t get it

Those are just a few examples of the many ways Unconscious Loyalties, what we call unconscious holdbacks, can stop your from reaching and fulfilling your greatest desires.

These unconscious holdbacks are not only caused by deeply hidden Unconscious Loyalties, but the kinds of statements above are widely common signs of the resulting emotional distress and chronic frustration men and women of every age experience every day across almost every country and culture.