Forever On My Who-To-Call List

As a television producer it is always a pleasure to work with Judith & Jim. You know when you book them on your show that they will bring so much more to the segment than a producer can ever hope for! They will forever be on my who-to-call expert list!
Erin Saxton, Producer
The View

Ideal Television Guests

Judith and Jim make talking about relationships FUN again! They are candid, thought-provoking, and animated — ideal television guests.
Rebecca Webb, Television Co-Host
AM Northwest, Portland, OR

A Sound-Bite Machine

Judith & Jim are a sound-bite machine you can count on!
Tonya McRae, Television Producer
New Attitudes
Lifetime Television

I Like Easy

You two are easy. I like easy.
Ronn Owens, Radio Host
KGO/San Francisco, CA

Our Experts For Over Three Years

Judith & Jim have been our monthly relationship experts for over three years. Why? Because our audience loves them. They are funny, personal, and above all they care passionately about everyone having the best relationships possible. I can’t say enough about how good they are.
Bob Castle, Producer
The Jay & Kevin Show KDRK.
Spokane, WA

Media Pros

Judith and Jim are media pros! They have passion for their message and fantastic on-air chemistry. I learn something new every time I have them on!
Jill Spiegel, Host
The Jill Spiegel Show WFMP
Minneapolis, MN

We Need More Experts Like You

Thank you so much for being my guests. My producer LOVED you, as did the other military spouses we spoke to. We need more experts like you in the world!
Jacey Eckhart, Host
The Jacey Eckhart Show

With Ease and Care for My Audience

KCBQ, San Diego, CA I’ve had Judith and Jim on my show 6 or 7 times with 2 more shows already lined up. They talk about money and relationships, money and weddings, money and self-esteem — you name it — with such ease and care for my audience. And they’re such fun to talk with, I always look forward to the next time they’re on.
Gary Goldberg, Host
Money Matters
America’s longest running syndicated daily financial talk show

Deliver What They Promise

Judith and Jim delivered what they promise – a fast paced, fun, and informative segment.
Jan Hickel, Guest Coordinator
Good Day Atlanta
WAGA, Fox 5

Practical Tips That Repair Broken Relationships

Delightful, entertaining, witty, upbeat and charismatic…Presenting Christian principles through their message, Drs. Sherven & Sniechowski share their experiences and provide practical tips that repair broken relationships. I highly recommend Drs. Sherven and Sniechowski for all media programming.
Renee Trudell, Senior Producer
Woman to Woman
Lutheran Ministries, Missouri Synod

Entertaining and Exciting

Interviewing Judith and Jim is a breeze. They are consummate media pros and know how to provide great information while also being entertaining and exciting. My audience loves them!
Peggy Pattison, Host
The Empower Hour
WJJG, Chicago, IL

Never Any Holes in the Conversation

Drs. Sherven and Sniechowski are ideal media experts. Their knowledge about relationships is wide and deep so there are never any holes in the conversation. And they tell great stories and even make me laugh. I’ve had them on several times and will again.
Armin Brott aka “Mr. Dad”
Host, Positive Parenting
KOIT, San Francisco, CA

Spiritually Sound Knowledge

Drs. Sherven and Sniechowski’s offer couples spiritually sound knowledge on how to strengthen their commitment and build on their differences. If I’d had the pleasure of interviewing them a few years earlier, my husband and I wouldn’t have blamed our problems on our different backgrounds. We could have learned how to combine them to build a stronger love and to help form a long-lasting relationship.
Pat Bridges, Host
WLTJ/WRRK, Christian Radio
Pittsburgh, PA